The tie is one of those accessories men love to wear to make them  look distinctive. It allows them to express their personality: strong, decisive, refined, discreet, eclectic, outgoing or reserved.

It is the pleasure of presenting elegantly. The tie shows your  true character and tells its story through shapes, fabrics, designs and colors.

And when the tie is tailored and handmade, such as an Arcuri one, choosing it encompasses  the taste for things that reflect a flavor of the time, rhythms that go back to a human dimension and bring out  feelings and a sense of calm. It is the love for things that have heart and soul.

The prestige of a tie is measured by the quality of the fabric of the lining, the manufacture and the attention to detail. The most prestigious of luxury ties are those with  “seven folds” that require a greater amount of material and a more complex process.

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