Professionally I started out in the world of service industry. Co-founder of a consultancy firm, I have always sought to express my creativity and senses by taking care of my appearance and the way I dress. I believe in the feel good factor of clothing, that is the experience of wearing an item, from the skin’s contact with the fabric through to the combination of colours and patterns.franco-arcuri

An awareness of this, stoked and fuelled by my wife’s dressmaking skills, has given me the strength to transform my passion into genuine artisanship.

We do not share the world’s mad obsession for quantity; rather, we give preference to a small and limited number of products, allowing us to strictly monitor the creation of each and every one of our ties. Everything we do revolves around the virtues of artisanship, quality, exclusivity and measure, which have nowadays become more or less extinct.

This translates into our promise to create a unique and exclusive product. A promise that starts from the selection of only the finest natural fibres – such as merino wool, cashmere or Italian silk – and which continues through our meticulous attention to detail at each stage of production, all of which are strictly carried out by hand.

m-r-caligiuriMaria Teresa – my wife – performs a crucial role here. Having attended a cutting and sewing course, she follows our ties through each stage of production and is responsible for quality control. Our ties are thoroughly inspected at each stage in order to avoid any imperfections. Any error, however slight, at any stage of the manufacturing process could compromise the final result.

From a small town of around two thousand inhabitants, our artisanal reality has disembarked in America and in Japan. For two years we have been present at MRket in New York, the only event in North America to unite leading global brands of men’s fashion, to announce the quality and style of everything made in Italy.

Franco Arcuri

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